Contacting Support

If you would like to report bugs or request new features you can contact the DeepConverse support team by sending an email to

You can also submit a ticket from the DeepConverse dashboard by going to Account > Support.

Reporting Technical Issues and Bugs

When submitting a technical issue, there are a couple of things that can be included that will help our developers in identifying and fixing an issue. Also, this may save some time in waiting for messages back and forth between you and the support staff.

  • Provide details on the actual behavior you are noticing

  • Provide details on the behavior expected in the product

  • Include screenshots, videos and links to where the behavior can be seen for reproduction

  • Include details on the severity of the issue

Once you report the issue our team will review the ticket and let you know the game plan to address it.

Feature Requests

Our team is always looking for feedback and is very open to learning about how our customers would like to us our products. If you have ideas on product features you’d like to see added to DeepConverse share your ideas with us by creating a Support Ticket and selecting the type Feature Request.

Include details on your use case that you are trying to address and what feature in DeepConverse can help you accomplish that better.

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