Guide Theme Customization

All the Guides built can be customised to align with your brand identity. With DeepConverse’s intuitive Theme Customization tool, you can now effortlessly set the tone for your Guides and tailor it precisely to your business needs. This feature puts the power of design in your hands. Where to Find: To access the Guide theme settings in the DeepConverse dashboard, proceed to the third icon located on the leftmost side of the screen. Upon hovering over this icon, a submenu will appear, presenting various options. Within this submenu, locate and select the 'UI' option. Clicking on 'UI' will take you to the Guide theme settings page.

Page Overview: The page consists of two parts: 1. Settings:- This section of the page allows us to control the entire theme settings, make changes to it, write custom scripts etc. 2. Guide View:- This section of the page allows us to view the changes made to the theme in real time and the same would reflect in production.

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