Embedding Guides on your website

Guides can be added to your website via two methods. You can either embed a specific Guide directly on a webpage or have the Guide open in a popup on the page. Both these methods are fairly simple and allow flexibility in adding Guides to your websites.

Embed a Guide on a Webpage

Each Guide has a unique URL that can be used to open it. To embed the Guide in your webpage you can use the URL and add it as an IFrame on the webpage.

To get the IFrame code snippet Open the Guide you would like to deploy and click Advanced > Deployment.

Show Guide in a popup Modal

We also support showing a Guide in a modal popup. This allows use of the majority of the screen a user has with the Guide in focus. We provide a lightweight script that runs an IFrame Guide in a modal window.

The modal is shown when any of the HTML elements (such as buttons, links etc.) containing the CSS class dc-guide-{guide_id} are clicked.

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