Messages Endpoint

The Messages endpoint returns data about the messages within a Conversation. This will include information like the type, sender, the time the message was sent and message specific data.

Message ID (_id)

The message's unique ID.

Time (time)

The time the message was sent

Conversation ID (conversationId)

The unique ID of the conversation the message belongs to.

Type of the Message (type)

The type of message

Message data (outMsg)

The details of the message sent by the chatbot

User Action Type (userActionType)

The type of action taken by the user. This value only exists for type UserInput

User Input (userInput)

The value of userInput done by the customer. This can be the content of text, quick reply or form input

Here is a sample request for the messages endpoint

import requests

url = ""

  'start_time': 1696118400,
  'end_time': 1696550400,
  'bot_name': 'r3-218210',
  'per_page': 1000
headers = {
  'x-api-key': '<api_key>',

response = requests.get(url, headers=headers, params=params)

To iterate through the results pass the cursor value till the cursor returned by the API is null.

Optional: You can use the conversation_id parameter to fetch messages for a specific conversation.

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