Translate chatbot content to multiple languages

You can export the text content used in the chatbot for translating it into other languages. DeepConverse makes it easy for you to export it to a Google Sheet for collaborative editing and sharing. Once you are ready with the translations and the locales for your site you can import it back into DeepConverse.

Exporting Translations

To export translations navigate to the chatbot that you would like to export.

On the chatbot page click Actions > Export/Import Translations.

In the open form click Submit if you would like to export to a new sheet, or enter the Sheet Key and Worksheet Title for the sheet you would like to update.

Once the export is completed the sheet will be shared with your email.

Prefill Auto Translation

This allows you to prefill the sheet with Google Translate values if the translation does not exist.

Here is an example of how the exported translations would look like.

Adding Translations

Once you have exported the text into the Google Sheet you can add additional columns each representing a locale that you would like to target.

Add the corresponding translation for that row in the cell.

Here is an example of how French (fr) is added into the sheet.

Tip: You can use the GOOGLETRANSLATE function already available in Google Sheets for quick translations

Importing Translations

On the chatbot page click Actions > Export/Import Translations.

Select Import as the operation

Enter the Sheet Key and the Worksheet Title


  1. Locales in the Google Sheet should match the locales you use in your production/deployment environments for the translations to get picked up.

  2. If a text doesn't have the the corresponding language translation then it will default to using text from 'en_us' as the fallback

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