Publishing changes

As you build through the chatbot you will reach a point where you are ready to rollout the changes to your website. This is where Publishing comes in. The chatbot and flows have two states DRAFT and PUBLISHED

Publishing the Chatbot

All changes you do such as to add intents, update the responses and sentences all the changes remain in the DRAFT state of the chatbot. Once you are ready with the intents you can click Publish Changes to make them live.

Publishing the chatbot does not publish the associated flows. You will need to publish the flows separately. If a flow doesn't have a Published version it will default to using the latest draft version.

Publishing the Flows

Any new changes made to the flow are saved in a new DRAFT version of the flow. Once you are ready you can go ahead and publish the changes.

The Published version of the flow is used in the Published chatbot version. If there are no published version the latest draft version is used.

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