Adding widget to your Zendesk Help Center

You can add the chatbot to your Zendesk Help Center by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Chatbot that you are planning to add to your help center

  2. Navigate to the Settings > Deployment and copy the snippet for your chatbot. Note: You can toggle between the draft and published version

  3. Next, open the Zendesk Guide and Navigate to the theme in which you would like to add the chatbot by clicking Customize Design > Customize

  4. On the theme page click Edit Code

  5. On the Edit Code screen choose document_head.hbs and add the script snippet there for the chatbot. Once done click Publish

Navigate to the help center you will now be able to see the chatbot appear.

Disable Zendesk Chat Widget

In order to have a good experience you can disable the Zendesk Web Widget from appearing by default. Follow the instructions mentioned in this article:

Removing Web Widget (Classic) from your website or help center

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