Adding the widget to Shopify via the Theme editor embed block

This guide will walk you through the steps of installing the DeepConverse chatbot on Shopify via the Theme editor

1. Click "Chatbots"

Click on "Chatbots"

2. Click the chatbot that you want to add to Shopify

Navigate to "DeepConverse Shopify"

3. Click "Settings"

Select the "Settings" option

4. Click "Deployment"

Choose the "Deployment" option

5. Choose the version

Click on the "DraftPublished" field

6. Copy the URL of the script

Click here

7. Switch to your store admin page

Switch to ""

8. Click "Online Store"

Select the option to "Online Store"

9. Click "Customize"

Navigate to the "Customize" section

10. This will open the Theme editor. Now click on the App embeds

Go to ""

11. Click "DeepConverse AI Support Agent"

Click the selected location

12. Click "Deployment Script"

Click on "Deployment Script"

13. Paste the script url that you copied

14. Enable the DeepConverse chatbot by clicking the toggle

15. You will see the chatbot appear on the page

16. Click "Save". Your theme is now saved with the chatbot and live.

Reach out to us if you face any issues during the setup process

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