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Integrating with Google Analytics

When you use the DeepConverse chat widget you can also integrate it seamlessly with Google Analytics. This allows you to use your existing GA property and track events and user interactions happening in the chatbot.
You can set the Google Analytics property in the Features > Miscellaneous section of your chatbot (shown below)
This feature requires Google Analytics 4
We list out the events that are tracked with different interactions in the chatbot.
Event Name
Event Label
Open Bot
Fired when user clicks on chat bubble to open chatbot
Setting Clicked
Fired when user clicks on Settings icon
Minimize Bot
Fired when user minimized chatbot
Close Bot
Fired when user closes chatbot
Close Preview
Fired when user closes the chatbot bubble text
User Clicked
Button Text
Fired when user clicks on a quick reply button
Enlarge Image
Fired when user clicks to enlarge an image
Confirm End Chat
Fired when user clicks confirm end chat
Continue Chat
Fired when a user clicks on Continue chat
Download Transcript
Fired when user clicks Download Transcript
Input Submitted
User Input Text
Fired when user types something into the chatbot text box

Google Analytics View

You will be able to see the events show up in Google Analytics. Now you use these events to filter and segment users and create views based on them.