Zendesk Sunshine Conversations Handoff (In Widget)

We will walkthrough the setup required to do the Sunshine Conversations Handover using the DeepConverse chat widget.

This article allows you to do a handoff to Zendesk within DeepConverse chat widget

  1. Make sure you have connected to Zendesk Sunshine Conversations via the Connections page

  2. Navigate to Zendesk Admin > Bots. Here you will see DeepConverse under marketplace bots.

  3. Go ahead and navigate to Messaging to see if the web widget channel is active.

  4. Create an API Key for the Conversations API for DeepConverse.

  5. Reach out to the DeepConverse team to find out the Web Messenger Integration Id to use for the handoff. This is found via the integrations API https://api.smooch.io/v2/apps/{{appId}}/integrations

  6. Use the Web Messenger Integration Id along with the connection and fields to pass to Zendesk in the Escalation Flow.

  7. In order for DeepConverse to receive the Conversation events add a Conversation Integration with the following API: https://api.converseapps.com/messaging/smooch/events

Fields Available in Handoff

Field NameDescription


Comma separated list of tags to add to Zendesk ticket


Id of the Zendesk brand to use


Priority of Zendesk ticket


Name of the requester (Use $ to reference a parameter)


Email of the requester


Custom field value to set

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