Adding widget to your Shopify Store

Lets see how we can install the DeepConverse chatbot in a Shopify store.

1. Click "Log in"

Click on "Log in"

2. Switch to ""

Switch to ""

3. Switch to ""

Navigate to ""

4. Click "Online Store"

Navigate to the "Online Store" section.

5. Switch to ""

Go to "Theme editor"

6. Click "Customize"

Select "Customize" from the menu.

7. Switch to the "DeepConverse Dashboard"

Navigate back to the DeepConverse dashboard

8. Select the chatbot you would like to put

In this case we select the DeepConverse Shopify chatbot that we are going to add to our store

9. Click "Settings"

Access the "Settings" option.

10. Click "Deployment"

Click on "Deployment" in the menu.

11. Choose the Published or Draft version

Select the version of the chatbot to add

12. Click the copy icon

Copy the script

13. Switch back to the theme editor

Navigate back to the theme editor to add the script

14. Click "Edit code"

Select "Edit code" from the menu.

15. Edit the theme file

theme.liquid is the file that has the scripts we will add our script tag here on the bottom.

16. Paste the script tag

Save the changes and then preview the store

17. Click "Preview store"

Preview your store.

18. Switch to your Shopify Store

You will see the chatbot icon on the bottom of the page

19. Click "Hide bar" to remove the preview banner

Click on "Hide bar."

20. Try the chatbot

Your chatbot is now ready to be used on the store. Publish the theme and make it live.

Hopefully this will make it easier to add the chatbot for you. If you run into issues please reach out to the DeepConverse team.

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