Building chatbot intents

You can get started with building conversational responses with intents using the low code conversational flows.

Adding Intents

Once you are in the chatbot page you will be taken to the list of Intents that are defined for your chatbot. Intents serve as the brains of the chatbot to understand the questions and messages from customers are respond accordingly.

To add an intent click on +Intent Actions on the top.

You will be prompted with a dialog to give it a meaningful name and give a description for the intent.

The Intent Action name and description should be meaningful as they are used by the chatbot AI engine to understand the messages from the customers.

Adding Sentences for Intents

To help the chatbot learn on how your customers will reach this intent action you can provide it sentences. This helps the chatbot to understand the customer questions better.

You should add atleast five sentences/phrases to help the AI engine understand the intent. The sentences should be distinct and represent how customers could ask their questions.

To view the sentences page click on the intent and select the Sentences tab.

As you can see in the screenshot below you can see the sentences currently added and a list of AI generated suggestions that can be added. You can also use the magic wand icon next to a pre-existing sentence to generate variations of it.

Activate and Deactivate Intents

You can change the status of intents by toggling the Status field. This will result in the chatbot not executing the response and falling back to the default workflow.

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