Data Tables

Data Tables allow you to store data into DeepConverse that you can lookup and serve to your customers. The data can be created through the DeepConverse dashboard or imported from a Google Sheet.

Note: To use this feature your account needs to have access to Data Tables. Please reach out to us if you are interested in using this feature

Creating a Data Table in the dashboard

Data Tables can be created under Chatbots > Configuration > New Data Table

Once the table is created you can add any column by clicking Add Column

Once you have defined your columns you can click on Add Row to add the entries into your table.

Importing a Google Sheet as a Data Table

You can maintain your Data Table in an external Google Sheet shared within your organization and teams. It is very easy to import the sheet into DeepConverse.

To get started click on Import from Google Sheet on the Data Table page.

First share the Google Sheet with our integration account

In the dialog you will need to enter:

  • Table Name

  • Sheet Key (As shown below the highlighted part is the sheet key)

  • Worksheet Title - Name of the sheet you are trying to import

On Submit you will be able to see the table.

Note: To update the table just redo the import

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