Conversations Endpoint

The Conversations endpoint returns data about the Conversations your bot has with your customers. Conversation data includes the following fields.

Conversation ID (_id)

Unique id for the conversation

Start Time (startTime)

The conversation's start time.

Last conversation action time (lastActionAt)

The time of last conversation update.

Locale (locale)

Locale of the conversation

Tags (tags)

List of the tags added to the conversation such as resolved, informed, liveChat etc.

Metadata (metadata)

All the metadata stored as part of the conversation. This will include system and user set parameters

Here is a sample request for the conversations endpoint

import requests

url = ""

  'start_time': 1696118400,
  'end_time': 1696550400,
  'bot_name': 'r3-218210',
  'per_page': 1000
headers = {
  'x-api-key': '<api_key>',

response = requests.get(url, headers=headers, params=params)

To iterate through the results pass the cursor value till the cursor returned by the API is null

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