How to handoff conversations to Zendesk Chat (Classic) ?

In a chat conversation you can escalate to Zendesk Chat agents by connecting the conversation from the chatbot to Zendesk Classic Chat widget.

In order to achieve this you will drag the Zendesk Chat Widget Handover add on and connect to the flow. For initiating the handover you will need the name and email of the customer. An example flow with the configuration is shown below.

For the link to the zendesk snippet.js you can find it by following the steps - Link

Widget Configuration

To support the seamless handoff we will need to add some minor configurations in our trigger function. Here is an example trigger function.

addScript("", 'ze-snippet', 'window.zE(\'webWidget\', \'hide\');'); 
window.zESettings = { cookies: true }; 

/** Emit event botWidgetInit to initialize**/ 
document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("botWidgetInit", {"detail": {zendeskClassicChatEnabled: true}}));

User Experience

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