March 2024

In this release we are rolling out major updates to our dashboard. An easier to use navigation. Improvements to the flow builder and bug fixes throughout.

✨ New

  • Updated the navigation pane for the dashboard to allow the easier switching to different pages.

  • Now you can see the type of site you are in Sandbox or Production

  • Increased view of the flow builder to maximize the space available to view the flows

  • Added ability to expand the text box during the editing of sentences in the builder

  • Knowledge Sources now have a history of the crawl status

  • Revamped menu for the additional items in the Guide and Webhooks builder allowing for easier access while keeping the flow builder open

  • New node selector on the transition allowing for faster development

  • A new popup for the menu and options available on a node to allow for easier view of the flow builder

  • Copy single or group of nodes across tabs now available

  • Generated sentences and suggestions for intents now generally available

  • Analytics timezone now changes depending on the viewer without need for manually changing it

  • Ability to see full connectors audit logs with action called and outcomes with filtering.

  • Added ability to reconnect a Salesforce chat back to same agent on routing it back using the agent_id from the previous conversation

  • Improved resilience to server restarts to connect active Salesforce chats back to the agents

  • Fixed timing issue with Announcements

  • Integration available with Recharge Payments

🔧 Fixed

  • Data table size selector has been fixed

  • Property edit regression has been fixed

  • Flow copy across sites with multiple chatbots has been fixed (in some flows we saw the copy had errored out)

  • Transitions are now limited to allow connectivity to a single node

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